“Mike seeks out knowledge and solutions and gets ideas into play quickly so his organization, and his customers, benefit as soon as possible. He’d be my first choice if I were hiring an executive.”
— Gary Forster, Management Consultant (former National Camping Specialist)

“Mikes continual success has been primarily due to his ability to develop strong relationships with many volunteers and staff, communicate consistently with them, and follow through on the things that motivate them to support his efforts.”
— Steve Willmont, Former President & CEO of California YMCA

“Mike works exceptionally hard. He is willing to put in the time and effort that others are not. This work ethic will be very valuable to an employer because it will allow him to accomplish much more than others who are not willing to make the same investment.”
— Orpheus Williams, Senior Leadership Director, KIPP Foundation

“Mike is adept in sophisticated situations as well as those, which require rolling up sleeves and physical work. He grasps concepts and situations quickly, and then he creates and implements innovative steps to enhance and improve final outcomes.”
— Cathy Saliba, Independent Fundraising Professional

“Mike possesses a rare combination of abilities. He is an excellent operations manager and salesman. Mike has repeatedly demonstrated his ability to plan and manage large complex events and to market those events successfully.”
— Alan Hostrup, President & CEO of YMCA of Metropolitan Los Angeles

“In addition to transforming MUN, Mike has helped improve all of California YMCA’s operations. He has re‐written many of the organization’s policies and has become the lead person for most of California YMCA’s new initiatives.”
— Rolf Davidson, Chief Operating Officer of California YMCA

“Mike is a self-starter, a first-class problem-solver, an excellent trainer, and a superior planner. It is obvious that Mike truly cares about doing quality work and consistently delivers it.”
— Karen Michigian, Former Executive Director of YMCA Camp Sequoia Lake

“Mikes knowledge, talent, skills, great attitude and cheerful disposition make him a tremendous asset to this or any other organization that is lucky (and smart) enough to have him.”
— Alex McDavid, 38 Year California YMCA Volunteer

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